Tago RT Calculator Software

The Tago RT Calculator runs a metaphysical algorithmic process, along with AI research processes - in order to keep the main CALC algorithm in-line with the markets in real-time.

Tago Calculator & Recorder Software

TagoCR is a robust real-time data analyzer, event and data recorder, with an artificial intelligence based event decoder processes.
all the other software units communicate with TagoCR mainly to receive answers, avoidance of discrepancies of any kind, verify and fill in information gaps, if there is a signal of data overload in the system, ensuring the flow of clean raw and approved information and dynamic data to the overall system in real-time.

Tago RT Trader Software

The Tago RT Trader is the exclusive decisions maker software for the Tago RT Calculator software on the main local server machine, and contains trading wisdom that has been evolved over many years.

Tago RT Trader software is the only software in the entire system that is able to not comply with instructions from the risk manager in certain cases.

Tago Risk Manager Software

TagoRM is a real-time risk management software that transforms the current open risk of a trade or an entire trade cycle into clear actions and decisions according to the current global settings and status in real time.
Trade Cycle means: a trade which the system sees from the perspective of one single transaction, though it contain an unlimited number of instrument and trading strategies combined and sync all together.

TagoRM is acting as the RM of each _NENI or non NENI properties (projects) in the system, simultaneously, provides risk management for each instrument and strategy running on real-time, separately and personally, and also for the big picture of all that is running together (along with TagoPM when necessary).

TagoRM analyze the current risk exposures, not only from RM point of view, but also from the perspective of each software component which intervenes in decisions that concern the RM decisions - and thus systematically reduces risks over time for and in all components.

TagoRM is responsible of many evaluation and prioritization processes including prioritize remediation actions based on dynamic risk rules rather than inactive rules/data, while a piece of dynamic information will always have to be re-signed by the RM software in real-time (excluding Tago RT Trader Software in certain cases).

Tago Portfolio Manager Software

TagoPM make consistent plans and solutions for distributing capital practices and monitor progress against these plans on an ongoing basis.

TagoPM includes the ability to define an asset source from the available instruments on the system, based on key processes and functions from a bigger picture perspective.

TagoPM responsible for normalizing factors of all kinds, from multiple sources, including multi-currencies calculations for the entire system (via an exchange rates API).

With a process for identifying imbalances or efficiency in the various markets, TagoPM provides arbitrage real-time data (sent mainly to TagoRM) - to facilitate the evaluation of various portfolio management options available.

In addition to that, TagoPM distributing data quotes for all components in the entire system, and it does so through a very secure connection to a custom multiple data-feed client developed by Tago Trading & investment Strategies LTD.

Tago Cycle Builder Software

TagoCB is responsible for all aspects of a trade cycle, and gives instructions (without the need for internal signature in most cases) to the main Tago RT Trader Software.

TagoCB must communicate with all other softwares in order to reach a state of decision-making and conclusions, and is the only software that cannot operate completely independently.

Tago Liquidity Analyzer Software

TagoLA is an AI decision-making system with reference to risk-reward financial calculations rules and scenarios, responsible of sizing positions, prior to execution or open positions.

TagoLA is using the Tago Position Matrix® technology.