The entire system was designed to discover, optimize and improve a certain algorithm, in August 2018, the research project completed successfully, providing the exact algorithmic solution the system was looking for.

Today, the system can be activated in a variety of different ways, to complete various goals and tasks related to trading and capital management in a broader perspective.

One example would be:

In the above example, the system is running using 3 machines in a network, to perform one specific action which can be a constant real-time search for an answer to one question, transaction execution, etc.

Machine 1: The only machine that is connected to the internet, running a custom multiple data feed client, providing real-time data for all the system components, using one route which passes through the a TC in OGRTI mode.
Therefore, the only attack that can be made to the system (worse case) will be to reach machine number 1 which does not contains any sensitive information.

Machine 2: runs TagoPM, Tago RT, Tago RT Trader & Tago CR.
TagoPM is among other things first of all is normalizing and distributing data quotes for all components, Tago RT, Tago RT Trader is also running, and Tago CR records everything.

Machine 3: runs Tago RM on first channel, then the Tago RM feeds the other two for running artificial intelligence processes.
In addition to that, another process of Tago RT Trader (in action mode) runs at the end of the chain to provide final answers or final action decisions in real time.
This is allowed by the system only if the first instance of the Tago RT Trader on Machine 2 is running on another mode.

There are lots of reasons why to run the system one way or another, according to the above example, the processes of intelligence receive data through the risk manager to take care of solutions related to risk management only or through the risk manager.
It is to illustrate some of the capabilities of the system.

Another example of running the system will be shown in the following example, when all the components communicate with each other, without initial barriers or any other system narrowing definitions.
This method of running the TagoTrader Framework is intended to provide answers and solutions to the most complex and critical issues, it requires many definitions and preparation in advance but it provides endless like possibilities to exploit the full power of the entire system.

In the above example, the system runs on a minimum of two machines in a network, each software can be run in a separate machine, and also the same software several times in different machines or in the same machine, provided it is in a different mode/state, all according to the project requirements for which the entire system ran for.